The Postpartum Night Shift


The Postpartum night shift is a life saver! If you’ve ever experienced this service you know what a difference it can make. These nights often start with a chat between the family and I. We get into discussing the days previous and bouncing ideas off one another. Other times exhausted parents head straight for bed […]

Reflections of a mother

It’s 9 am on a Thursday and my phone dings with a message from Whatsapp. I know who it is before I even look at my phone. My daughter is travelling distant lands, alone. The message is to tell me that she has arrived in Morocco…. something my limited travel mind can even comprehend. I […]

Freedom of Choice

To call this topic controversial would be an understatement. It is one that upsets many and creates divides around the world; but should it? Freedom of choice may not be something that you advocate for but when the choice itself is eliminated altogether then what are you left with? Yes I am a doula, and […]