This is a chance to learn more about one another without commitment. The most important part of this consultation is to ensure that we are the right fit for one another. I want to know your desires, reservations, questions and everything in between!

If by the end of the consultation, we do not feel we are the best match for one another I am always happy to refer you elsewhere as the community is strong and there is always someone who can be there for you. I primarily support the Greater Toronto Area, and live in Etobicoke.


Rate may be subject to change if I have supported you previously. I do offer sliding scales in particular circumstances

Postpartum Support

Overnight 6-10hrs $45/hr   |   Daytime +4hrs $40/hr

Once you and baby are home these Postpartum Support visits are all about helping you integrate into your new life.

We will discuss the labour and delivery and how you are feeling about your experience. The first days at home can be the most challenging, but also most rewarding! Whether this is baby number one or number four; I can provide the comfort and support you need during this time – whatever it might look like for you.

What you can expect from Babymoon Doula Solutions as your postpartum support:

  • Hands-on education on infant and parent care (feeding, bathing, diapering, calming techniques)
  • Create a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parent(s) may eat, shower and nap
  • Introduce parenting tips, help parent(s) to learn skills that will enable them to cope with their new responsibilities
  • Screen for hurdles such as feeding challenges or postpartum mood disorders
  • Shop for groceries and prepare meals
  • Help with light housework such as laundry, washing dishes, sweeping floor, etc
  • Refer to other care providers should your needs exceed my scope of practice
  • Emotional support and processing of feelings about the birth or what it feels like to have the baby at home
  • Other duties to be discussed with client at time of contract signing

Childbirth Education

3 Sessions: Each 2 hrs   |    Virtual $300   |   In-person $350

Whether you are delivering at the hospital, birth centre or at home; these sessions will provide you with realistic expectations of birth, help you identify your support team. I am here to help you make informed decisions about your birth prior to and on birthing day and understand the possibilities of unpredictable births. These three, two hour sessions are extremely educational and can be added to your doula support package or be taken on their own either at home or virtually.

Topics we can cover:

  • Stages of labour
  • Baby as an active participant
  • How to push
  • Alternative birthing directions eg; cesarean, induction etc
  • Body/baby feeding
  • What to expect from your provider and location of birth
  • Postpartum expectations and recovery
  • Partner support

Babymoon Bodywork

Initial Session: $160   |   Follow up $120

What is Craniosacral Therapy?
During pregnancy and Labour babies adapt the spaces available to them, sometimes this can cause muscle tension. This form of bodywork is very gentle and can be done as early as a few minutes old. Babies and parents can experience improvements immediately and can see resolved issues in 1-3 treatments. Using about 5 grams of pressure is enough to release tissues from head to toe allowing baby to move more freely and to address issues such as:

  • Body feeding/Chestfeeding/Breastfeeding issues
  • Torticollis – holding head to one side
  • Flat spots on babies heads
  • Tongue ties
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Vomiting
  • Strained bowel movements
  • Colic

Birth Support

This package is all about getting to know one another and helping to prepare you for childbirth. We go over how to organize your home, how to pack for the hospital and helping you identify the changes that are taking place in your body.
I am here to support you all the way to birth day.

What is included:

  • 2 prenatal visits to cover all topics such as; what to expect from birth, comfort measures, how to manage labour throughout all stages, creating a support team, breathing techniques, baby care, the first 48 hours at home with your newborn, expectations in the hospital including protocols, and a general Q&A session
  • 24/7 support during the two weeks from EDD – via phone, email and text
  • Continuous support at birth from beginning to end of delivery
  • 1-2 hours of support after birth
  • Back up doula coverage
  • 1 postpartum follow up visit to review birth events, discuss recovery options and additional support and/or resources, baby care, body feeding assistance