It’s 9 am on a Thursday and my phone dings with a message from Whatsapp. I know who it is before I even look at my phone.

My daughter is travelling distant lands, alone. The message is to tell me that she has arrived in Morocco…. something my limited travel mind can even comprehend.

I burst into tears, full on sobbing!

Some days this is easy, I don’t always think about the distance or the time that she has been gone but today for some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks. She will be home soon for how long I don’t know.

It’s not that I want her to be here, I just miss her.

Recently a client asked me about her and what I felt about her travelling….I didn’t know how to answer it really. I raised both of my girls to believe that they can do anything and both of them really believe it.

Neither of them see boundaries that will stop them, maybe that’s the way of the “millennial” but it makes me so happy.

So how do I feel, I think its hard to leave everything and everyone to travel but if its your thing you have to do it.

As we raise our children we have no idea what they will “be” but do they have to be something?? I wanted my daughters to have full, fun, exciting lives. With that comes some pain, and trials, and true jubilant and amazing moments and memories.

I learn from my children on a daily basis, they have raised a wonderful mother! When you have a child you are born again too, as a mother. The ache that you feel is real and only grows – but don’t let it suffocate them. Make sure that you teach them to do for themselves, teach them to be independent and brave.

you never know what they will become……