The right to choose…..

This seems like a topic that might upset a few people, but should it? it might not be your choice but it is someones, I truly believe that choices are so important. I could sit and chop away at my keyboard about my opinions but that isn’t the point of me sharing this article here. Every human has choices and I know I do not want mine taken from me.

The world of Doula’s has exploded and I want to be right in the middle of it! I think I have been a Doula in many ways before ever becoming a Birth Doula, listening, supporting, offering advice, a shoulder, silence….

Take a quick read I think its worth your time.

2 thoughts on “The right to choose…..

  1. I love this and totally agree. Every woman should have the right to choose. 💜
    I think it’s awful that just up the road by trillium people stand outside with signs about anti abortion. Just awful. As if a woman going through that doesnt feel like crap enough, you have these people protesting right outside.

    1. I cant believe that in this day and age that this is still a debate, every situation is different and not all pregnancies are consented. CHOICES!

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