Free Consultation
This free consultation gives us an opportunity to learn more about each other and about your wishes for labour and childbirth.
I’ll review the support services that I provide as a birth Doula and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Labour & Birth Support

For the time period before you give birth I offer 24/7 phone, text and email support leading up to the big day from 38 weeks on. During this time I will help you to feel supported and connected and I will address any concerns or question that you may have. I will be with you and your birth team during your labour and delivery as a key member of your support system, whether you are delivering at the hospital, birth center or at home. I will support you physically, emotionally and mentally and will provide you with the tools and information needed for you to make informed decisions. Once your baby is born, I will stay up to two hours postpartum. I am happy to help assist with breastfeeding, take photos and gather your items together.

Please inquire about package details and pricing.

Postpartum Support
After your baby is born, I will visit you at your house 3-6 days after delivery to see how you and your new baby are doing. We will discuss the labour and delivery and how you are feeling about your experience. We will also review any concerns you have with your newborn including feedings.
The time after you and your baby arrive home can be some of the most challenging. Whether it’s baby number one or baby number four it’s a time of tremendous change. I can provide you with warm comforting support to help you through this trying time.

As your Postpartum Doula, I can:
• Increase your confidence in caring for your newborn through hands on education
• Facilitate parent infant bonding
• Provide breastfeeding support in your home and help troubleshoot any breastfeeding concerns
• Help prepare infant formula, wash and sterilize bottles
• Cup, tube, or bottle feed your baby
• Take care of your baby while you shower, nap or spend quality time with your older children or partner
• Bath and change your baby
• Provide light housekeeping duties such as washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping floors, making beds, and cooking nutritious meals
• Shop for groceries
• Teach parents how to use a breast pump
• Provide emotional support and encouragement to help prevent postpartum depression

Postpartum Care is provided at a minimum of 4hrs support per day.